When you become a member of Golden Key you become part of something exceptional – an extended family of peers, mentors and connections all living a legacy of greatness.  Fostering a spirit of collaboration, leadership and service, Golden Key reaches over 2 million people in more that 400 chapters which span the globe.

Active chapters in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States, provide members with a range of services and connections ranging from leadership and volunteer opportunities to internships and training programs. The chapters are part of a continuum—an esteemed legacy of accomplished, like-minded people, and each member shares his or her individual attributes to strengthen that legacy.

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    • Hi Aparna

      Thanks for your query. Our programs are offered to all Golden Key members. This membership is achieved via invitation and this is based upon your university marks. If you are currently enrolled at an Australian university and are not yet a member please email the Asia-Pacific headquarters at aphq@goldenkey.org to find out whether you are eligible.
      If you are enrolled with Deakin University and are a current Golden Key member please email us at goldenkey.deakin@gmail.com to find out more about the programs we offer to our members.

      Deakin Golden Key

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